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Private Guitar, Bass, and Piano Lessons in Litchfield County

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Welcome to Sharp and Flat!

Sharp and Flat is the newest branch of the Guitar Cities Schools. Featuring the founder of Guitar Cities, James Lenger, it is part of the Guitar Cities schools network, with other schools located in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and London. Sharp and Flat provides private guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele lessons in the Litchfield County area. We are located at 931 Bantam Road, on the 3rd floor. Lessons are available as private lessons for 1-2 students.

Why Select Sharp and Flat?

  • Our instructors are part of an international team of tutors, chosen out of the top 3% of applicants based on their instrumental knowledge/playing ability, but more importantly, their ability to be an effective, experienced communicator and teacher (this can be a very difficult thing to find when selecting an instructor)!
  • Our instructors cater a program to your individual needs, so you learn exactly what you want to, providing you an efficient and enjoyable learning experience.
  • We provide the instruments at no charge and a comfortable environment to play in, so all you have to do is walk over and get started.
  • Sharp and Flat is open to students of all ages and abilities.
  • Lessons can involve theory, song learning, song writing, ear training, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and much more.
  • All genres welcome, including classical, bass guitar, modern, pop, jazz, rock, R&B, metal, slide, country and blues.
  • No registration fee!

Get started

Lessons are available all day, Mondays through Saturday. Lessons can be scheduled via the schedule page, by phone at (312)914-6646 or just fill out the form above.

Want to take lessons from your home or office? Skype lessons available!

Even if you don't live in a city that features a Guitar Cities studio, lessons are available with any of our international team of instructors via Skype. Live in Iowa and want a Guitar Cities instructor from our London location? Just contact us and we can set that up!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us directly at

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