Student Feedback

"It's a refreshing break. I appreciate their ability to adjust to my situation whether I practiced or not. They cater the lessons to my needs. I always get something out of lessons." -- Bob T.
"Jim is so encouraging and patient while navigating the lesson through all the complexities and beauty of the guitar. One does not have to have a musical background to study with him. The Guitar Chicago style of teaching allows the student to have a practical learning experience first. I highly recommend Guitar Chicago." -- Catherine Z.
"As a suburban commuter to my job in the loop, finding Jim has made it possible to continue my interest in learning guitar. He has been flexible and accommodating in rearranging lessons based on my schedule. Also, I like Jim's laid back, yet cerebral, teaching style." -- Robert B.
"I've been working with Jim for more than two years and the experience has been terrific. Jim has been and continues to be a great teacher in developing my lesson plan to reflect my musical preferences and abilities. I might never give up the "real job" of attorney that I've had for nearly 30 years to pursue a musical career, but I can say this without hesitation - for all of you professionals out there who still have "guitar god" aspirations, Guitar Chicago is the place to come." -- Frank P.
"Jim is an excellent teacher at an affordable price. He is very open to suggestions and is very flexible with scheduling. He also provides a very comfortable environment." -- Tony C.
"I'd dreamed of playing guitar ever since I was a teenager, but life somehow got in the way and I never seemed to find the time. As a middle-aged woman, part of me doubted that I should pursue that dream again. But my lessons at Guitar Chicago encouraged and inspired me. Jim is such a great teacher that I quickly overcame my fears and discovered that I might have some talent after all. Nowadays, the highlight of my week is going to class. And every time I leave, my passion is further ignited. Not only is my money well-spent, but I feel lucky to have met a mentor who is an outstanding guitarist himself and whose patience and knowledge make the lessons fun!" -- Joanne P.
"I enjoy playing the guitar in my retirement. It's fun going from teacher to student." -- Pete B.
"Playing guitar during the work day is hard to beat. I shut down my email, walk down the street, grab a pick and start playing. Jim's approach to teaching is clever, they keep things at an appropriate pace and he sets the lesson plan according to what is most important to the student. His knowledge and talent runs deep, and he's not a bad guy to hang out with in the middle of the day." -- Scott C.
"I like their program. Even though I have a busy schedule there is plenty of fun things to learn on guitar." -- Taylor W.

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